How to Select Quality Furniture

It seems that different people are reacting in different ways to the state of the economy today. Those who may have considered moving a few years ago have now decided to stay in their current homes and are investing money making those much talked about upgrades like remodeling a kitchen or redecorating the family room. Others are taking advantage of the buyer’s market and incentives for first time homebuyers and, therefore, have new or larger homes to furnish. And then there are those who have grown tired of losing money in the stock market and have pulled that money out to spend and enjoy. Some of those consumers are using that money to also remodel and redecorate. Whatever the reason, there are many consumers in the market for home furnishings lately. So whether you choose to use a designer, shop by catalog or spend your weekends visiting store after store, the question remains:

What should you look for to ensure you get quality furniture for your money?

The following are a few guidelines to use when shopping for new furniture:

Materials: Whether you are in the market for case goods (dining tables, entertainment centers, dressers, cocktail tables, etc.) or upholstered pieces (sofas, loveseats, or occasional chairs), the wood that is the foundation of the piece should be solid hardwood. The hardwoods that are most often used for fine furniture frames are ash, gum and yellow poplar because of their strength, stability and shock absorption qualities. Laminate hardwoods are also good for frames as they prevent warping. Woods for exterior surfaces, like cabinets for example, should be those that can be carved, finished and polished such as birch, pecan, cherry, maple, mahogany, walnut and oak. To ensure that your furniture will not show signs of splitting over time, the preparation of the wood is very important. Because wood contains quite a bit of moisture, it should be air dried for approximately three to six months, depending on its thickness. Next it should be kiln dried for two to eight weeks which assures the stability of the finished furniture.

Construction: Floating joint systems are used in the construction of most fine furniture because they allow the wood to expand and contract as it reacts to heat and humidity. Look for joints that are glued and nailed. Mortise and tenon construction is used on both case goods and for the frames of upholstered pieces. Dovetail construction is most often referred to when talking about drawer construction. When looking for upholstered pieces, ask about the seat structure. 8 way hand tied construction is the best. In this process, tempered steel coil springs are hand tied at 8 points for comfort and proper seat support. Steel bands under each row of springs guarantee lasting comfort. Sinuous spring construction is also acceptable. S shaped springs are tied together with steel wire to ensure a consistent seating platform. With either construction, look for pieces that have solid hardwood legs which can be hand finished in the color or stain of your choice.

Cushions and Upholstery: Ask about the different levels of cushions on your upholstered furniture. Top quality furniture manufacturers offer different levels or upgrades for cushions. The one you choose depends upon the look and feel you are interested in. For example, the standard cushion offered by most fine furniture companies utilizes a 1.8 density foam core enclosed in cotton ticking that has some combination of either down, feather or fiber mix blown into sewn channels. Upgrades are usually to cushions that have either greater firmness and support or a greater amount of feathers and down for the feel of sinking into your chair or sofa. If you are in the market for an upholstered piece, it is best to choose a vendor who offers custom upholstery. This means they will offer a wide variety of fabrics for you to choose from in order to customize the look of your piece without having to deal with an outside upholsterer. Custom pieces are usually more expensive than those that are offered in a few standard, stock colors, but when investing in a piece of furniture that will be in your home for years to come, it is usually worth the extra expenditure.

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Veronica says that when you walk into a room in your home you should feel both proud of how beautiful it looks and relaxed by the comfort that surrounds you. She believes that the rooms in a home should be as functional and comfortable as they are beautiful and stylish. It is also important that “your sense of pride come without feeling guilty about what it cost to achieve the look you love. Establishing a budget the client is comfortable with is as important as determining their style. You won’t enjoy your gorgeous room if you’re always bothered by how much you spent”.

Choose From An Exclusive Range At Quality Furniture Stores

The primary advantage of buying furniture from quality furniture stores is that they have durable, comfortable, high quality items from renowned brands. They do not compromise on quality and don’t offer sub-standard or duplicate furniture. They sell modern furniture that evolves with time, thus, keeping up with the latest trends. These furniture stores are quite popular for their creative designs and contemporary furniture too.

Some quality furniture stores display authentic, vintage and antique furniture for the benefit of customers who look for conventional styling for their home interiors. What’s more, you can even buy affordable furniture from these stores when they have their seasonal clearance sale going on, or when they decide to replace their old display models with fresh designs.

Buying furniture from these stores is a smart thing to do because they employ interior experts, who can assist their customers, if required. These interior experts give advise and help in selecting from their extensive range. They are also trained to assist in making essential decisions on the furniture that the customers wish to buy within their budget.

Consequently, quality furniture stores facilitate perfect turnkey solutions to specific household requirements based on the functionality of the room. Each room has unique functionality and space availability, which the customers should keep in mind while explaining their requirements to these experts. This will help them focus on choosing the right living room, bedroom, or perhaps kitchen furniture as well.

These quality furniture stores also include room planners along with their extensive range of modern plus unique furniture. Room planners are guides that help the customers to assess the room dimensions and accordingly purchase and assemble the furniture. This is why, many customers prefer to buy furniture from these stores. The room planners can also double up as interior designers and set up their bedroom, living room, garden, or even kitchen furniture, etc to suit their unique lifestyle. Alternatively, they can help you do up the entire house as well.

Not only do these stores sell some unique and exquisite pieces of furniture, but they also have matching accessories for the furniture they have on display. Living room furniture sets come with matching upholstery, carpets, drapes, lamp shades, wall decorations, etc. Bedroom furniture is offered with fitting beds, comforters, pillows, bed covers, pillow covers, foot mats, night lamp shades, etc. Similarly, garden furniture is accompanied by cushions for seating, wet proof covers for rainy and snowy seasons, umbrellas, wall sun shades, etc.

These extra accessories are sold at subsidized rates when they are purchased as sets along with the main furniture. Thus, customers can not only save money, but they also do not need to look for these accessories separately.

Tips for Buying Quality Furniture Online

In the earlier times, buying excellent quality furniture used to be such a painstaking job. Not only it was energy-consuming, it was also time-consuming as well. The problem used to lie in the limited number of stores selling furniture around the area, if not, the store selling inadequate amount of the colors and styles that you liked. Even if you ordered the pieces to your liking, it would take weeks or even months for it to arrive.

Recently, the problem has now been solved with the commencement of online shopping. You now have access to a wide array of stores offering furniture at low or high prices. Anywhere you are located, whether in or out of the country, ordering can be done with ease and shipping will take only days. Starting from the classical traditional styles to the trendy modern ones, you can find every style and design that you want. There is no limit to what you want to buy as long as you are within your budget.

Because you can now have unlimited access to a wider selection, purchase is not limited to your country alone. Furniture for sale online will lead you to have an assortment of choices from all over the globe. Buying is not only effortless but also exciting as well. You will find enjoyment at how you will be matching the pieces of furniture with the colors and designs of a particular room in the house. It is pleasurable to note that there are pieces available for every room in the house such as the bedroom, living room, kitchen and even your home office and library. You can even equip your house with unique bar or den furniture with ease.

You do not need to scuttle in line at stores anymore with the presence of online shops. You have all the time to yourself doing your shopping without worrying about how time flies. You can choose the best pieces without a salesman pestering you or looking at you wherever you go. Online shopping is done no matter what the time is, wherever you are.

It is imperative to choose online stores of highly reputable image and best reputation to obtain high quality pieces of furniture to get your true money’s worth. Oftentimes, small stores offer cheap quality furniture although at affordable prices. However, with the amount that you pay for repair, shipping or purchase, it is even more costly in the long run. High-quality furniture can be bought from companies of high standard offering also quality service.

3 Easy Tips for Determining High Quality Furniture

Consumers who want to make their dollars stretch farther should invest in high quality furniture that provides good value for the amount of money spent. But just because a vendor advertises that their luxury furniture is high quality and charges a high price doesn’t necessarily ensure that the furniture being purchased ranks high on the quality scale. There are a number of ways a shopper can determine if the quality of the furniture he is buying justifies a higher price tag.

Wood Composition

Whether or not a piece of furniture uses wood in its construction that is hardwood from deciduous trees or softwood from coniferous trees is not as important as the wood’s overall durability. Any piece of furniture that has an exposed wood surface can be considered quality if the type of wood selected tends to be hard enough to resist nicks and scratches. If a scratch can be made in the wood using just one fingernail, the furniture piece is certain to quickly look old and scuffed. Furniture that can be considered quality uses sturdy wood that is scratch resistant or at least nine-layered plywood for durability. Wood featuring a multiple of knots in the texture tends to crack more easily, so be cautious about pine furniture. Avoid furniture made from particle board, fiber board or pressed wood, which is a mark of cheap furniture.

Wood Construction

How the wood is held together on a piece of furniture can tell you whether or not it belongs in the high quality category. If staples, glue or nails are used at joints in order to hold the wood together, it’s a sign of cheap furniture construction. Screws and wooden pegs are a sign of better quality. And the best quality furniture features joints that interlock with reinforcement blocks positioned for better strength at all angles. If choosing a piece of furniture that has drawers, quality construction include dust panels, the thin sheets of wood that are positioned between each drawer in order to keep the contents of the drawer clean. Quality construction also means that the drawers are able to be pulled in and out while floating on an installed grove for ease of use even when weather conditions change and there is more humidity in the atmosphere. Quality furniture also provides stops on all drawers to prevent them from being inadvertently pulled out of the unit. Look at the legs on the piece of furniture under consideration to be sure that each leg is touching the floor evenly. Push down on the piece from every corner to see if it wobbles or rocks, obvious signs of cheap construction.

Quality Upholstery

Sofas and chairs should have removable covers for easy cleaning. If the cushions used contain only foam with no protective covering, the chair or sofa features shoddy construction which will prove very uncomfortable for sitting for any length of time in addition to wearing out much more quickly. The density of the foam should be close to 2 pounds or higher. The filling used in back cushions should be separated into several compartments rather than loosely filled which will settle over time and become lumpy and uncomfortable. Quality furniture usually has a cleaning code attached for proper care. If the furniture uses coil springs, see if the seat has any weak spots that tend to sink in or favors tipping in one direction.

The padding on upholstered furniture should be thick enough so that the frame cannot easily be detected when pressure is applied to the padding. Quality upholstered furniture usually features cushions that are reversible for double the wear before the upholstery must be cleaned. Any fabric patterns should align together nicely.

High quality furniture doesn’t have to have a luxury furniture price tag. But by knowing what signs to look for to separate quality pieces from cheaply constructed ones ensures consumers that they will get the best value for their money when making a furniture purchase.

Eileen Saw is a frugal homemaker who enjoys writing tips on shopping. She reviews popular home appliances offers advice on buying from online furniture stores. She also recently wrote on how to paint your furniture to a perfect finish.

Tips to Select Office Furniture

An office is where most working people spend their time. Some offices are ergonomically designed for the employees while others may not be ergonomically designed. You may have to make do with whatever furniture is provided to you. But people who are knowledgeable about good office spaces are aware that a comfortable workplace leads to enhanced productivity and overall effectiveness. There are certain factors to be kept in mind if you are setting up a huge corporate space or a small office.

• Sustainability

An increasing number of organizations are considering sustainability into account before purchasing office furniture. They take into account the type of material that is used, the amount of energy utilized to manufacture a product and many other factors. If the furniture that you buy is recycled, then it is better for the environment. Similarly, if your furniture emits few chemicals, that means the air around you is less polluted. So you have a cleaner working environment.

• List out your basic office needs

Before you embark to buy furniture, make a list of your office’s most basic needs. List out the items you need for your office such as computer, printer, telephone, file storage unit, and so forth. See if you need conference rooms and training rooms.

• Select a location

If you are setting up a corporate office, chances are your location is already determined. However you should still consider how to make optimum use of the space. Take into account the location of the windows, the entrance, etc. If you are setting up a home office, make sure there are no distractions such as traffic noise nearby.

• Select appropriate furniture

Office furniture comes in all shapes, colors and sizes. Make sure you invest in quality furniture that is ergonomically designed. Your furniture should be a balance of comfort, technology and style. Ensure that your office chairs are comfortable and provide ample back support.

• Include a style element

There is no harm in being creative and selecting furniture that looks aesthetically appealing. Decide what type of furniture you want to invest in. Do you prefer something traditional or modern? Wood furniture lends a traditional feel to the space whereas metal or glass furniture lends a contemporary look. You can even strike a balance between the two styles.

In order to create a professional-looking office, pay attention to detail when you set up your office. It is one of the important things to remember.